I bought a grocery tote bag — people can't believe the price

2023-03-08 16:17:22 By : Ms. Ivy Ye

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An LA woman bagged more than she bargained for during a recent trip to the luxury grocery store Erewhon.

TikTok user @fuhlex is going viral for a video in which she explains how she got roped into buying a pricey reusable canvas bag.

“I knew Erewhon was boujee, but I definitely underestimated the boujeeness,” she starts the clip. “I bought two drinks. $10. And they were like, ‘Do you need a bag?’ And I said, ‘Yeah, can I have the reusable shopping bag?’”

The woman claims the employee scanned the bag, ringing it up at $50.

“And, you know, of course I’m like too embarrassed to be like, ‘Put it back,’ or, like, not buy it, so I bought it,” she confessed.

“I bought it,” she said, holding up a tan bag with the store’s name printed on it. “And it cost more than everything else I bought.”

“Put the LV [Louis Vuitton} away ladies, Erewhon totes only,” the woman captioned the clip, which has brought home 272,000 views since it was posted last month.

The Post reached out to Erewhon, a celebrity-loved family-owned market with locations across LA, for comment. The TikToker did not identify the store she visited.

In a statement Saturday to The Post, an Erewhon rep noted the tote is different from the standard plastic or polypropylene bags used in other grocery stores.

“We take pride in making our quality Erewhon shopper bags locally in Los Angeles,” the statement reads.

“Our process includes upcycling locally sourced canvas to mitigate waste and working with dye houses that use sustainable dyes and that recycle their water; this ensures that dyes don’t go back into local water sources. Supporting our local community, minimizing our carbon footprint and our environmentally conscious ethos is prioritized in our approach to pricing.”

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Users checking out the TikTok video expressed astonishment at the sky-high price tag.

“That bag better magically refill itself with groceries at that price,” one joked.

“Girl I could’ve made that for you and still gave you $40 change,” another laughed.

“Thats a whole purse now,” one emphasized.

“Are y’all okay in LA,” one wondered.

“My Trader Joe’s reusable tote was $3 lol,” another offered.

Others stated the shopper should’ve spoken up when she saw the price jump.

“The workers aren’t owners of erewhon lol, they prob make closer to minimum wage, so I’m sure they’ll understand,” one pointed out.

“I feel like I used to be like this in the situation but I’ve learned to just say no because nobody’s gonna care. Honestly, they’re gonna forget about,” another reasoned.

“Being an adult is the ability to say no. With pride,” another declared.